Some Useful Tips To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts

Hello Allseobuzz readers! Today you are going to discover 7 tips to write SEO friendly blog post. As a blogger I personally experienced that all problem start with basic- content writing. It’s where all kick off. Without worthy content a blog like skeleton of a human. Hmm! That’s why I shortlisted my views upon this query.

Without any further ado let’s jump start tips to write seo friendly blog posts.


Choosing the Topic

The first and the important thing is to choose the right topic which you going to write. Select a topic related to your blog. Blog related topics are always healthier and increases traffic volume which is very much helpful for bloggers. You can write about technologies, world news, latest news, sports etc. In which you have a good knowledge about. When you finished the selection you will see your 30% work is done.

Post Title Selection

After choosing the topic it’s very much important to select a unique post title. Because titles are the face of any post. From a case study it’s clearly seen that most of the visitors only saw the post titles and imagine the post then read the post in depth.

Besides you should know that search engines always show 66 characters in the search results, which are the reason why you should keep your title in 66 characters otherwise search engines like Google cut off your post title and shows a part of it.

And also don’t forget to make it unique and fresh. Giving an attractive name always helps you to drive traffic from search engine. And one last thing always makes the title h2 tag.

Image Optimization

Another important thing is to use high-quality and attractive images. Images are the resource of getting a good amount of visitors. Blogging expert’s uses superior high quality images for different posts and it’s a good practice for ranking factors.

Besides always use the alt=’keyword’ attribute in every post images. It will tell the crawlers and spiders about which keywords is having that image. The least characters for keywords are 50 so you need to make sure that your keywords don’t cross the limit.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing means repeating the same keyword again and again in the post. If anyone writes a post of 1000 words he will surely use the main keyword more than 50 times and it is called keyword stuffing.  To avoid this you should use the main keyword 3% in the whole article. It means that if you write a article of 1000 words then you should use the main keyword only 20 times not more than that or if you cross the limit your posts will be effect by google penguin and loose the ranking.

Use Internal Linking

This is an amazing art done by millions of bloggers is that they used to mention or link their old posts in his new posts. In this manner they don’t lose the ranking of their old blog posts. And it will also help contents to get index fast in search engines. But remember the both posts must be related to each other so that the reader may like to land on old posts.

Give a Good Ending

Many bloggers still aware of this tip. Giving a good ending is also a part of seo friendly blog post. You can write a summary at the end of your post. This method works great for getting visitors and their comments.


If you follow my tips to write seo friendly blog posts. I can assure that you will bring change within your engaging more royal readers. So, what are you waiting for? Start implementing these tips in your next post. Do you any specific advice or complain regarding this post. Well then kindly drop a comment downward. At last if you feel this is valuable for you them please share with your friends. That’s it for now. Have a good day. Keep coming for more. Good bye!

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