Advanced Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation must be a priority when creating or redesigning your website. This is indeed what will allow search engines to qualify the content of your website and present it to the right people.

Conceptually, there are two ways of Optimisation :

On-Page Search Engine Optimisation

On-Page Search Engine Optimisation
On-Page Search Engine Optimisation

The “SEO On Page” combines all the techniques to optimize each page on your company’s website to rank as high as possible in the search engine results pages.This is why the Anglo-Saxons call it the “On page SEO”, which means the “SEO on the page” or the “SEO on the page”.The techniques of the “SEO On Page” therefore consist in optimizing all this information.

Note: obviously, there are many other criteria that come into account, such as: backlinks, the authority of your domain, competition … If you are curious, take a few minutes to learn how search engines work.

Discover now my 11 techniques of “SEO On Page” to boost your rankings in the search engines. Preamble: Some experts in Digital Marketing will tell you that there are many more than 11 techniques to optimize the Natural Referencing of a page. I would say that these 11 techniques are the most important.

You can apply them to your site today and quickly boost your SEO.

  •  First, work the quality of your content
  •  Optimize the SEO title of the page and its meta description
  •  Insert your keywords into the content of your page
  •  Cut and format your content
  •  Optimize your images
  •  Optimize your URLs
  •  Insert internal links
  •  Build your credibility with external links
  •  Monitor the loading speed of your page
  •  Make sure your mobile page is compatible
  • Moderate comments

Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation

Off-page referencing is the other type of primary listing. It means everything you do off a page to improve the ranking of your page. This mainly means incoming links.An incoming link is simply a link from another website to yours. It now includes (a little) social media, which is why social media is useful for SEO.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation
Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation

Even if you do everything right, and make an excellent page, there are still a ton of other things that can be done to improve SEO. And if the search terms for which you are trying to rank are competitive, other websites will have their own SEO, which will drown you.

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