Tuesday , September 12 2017

Some Off Page Optimization Tips For Your Blog

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the real backbone of any successful website. That’s why every bloggers exploit different types of tricks to beat his competitors and get the first position in the search engines. But SEO is not an easy job to done because it takes lot of effort and consistency to be done. Search Engine Optimization is divided in two powerful parts, one is On page SEO optimization and another is Off page SEO optimization.

Today you are going to discover about the off page SEO optimization. Let me tell you about off page seo. Just like on page seo optimization you need to implement several tactics to rank your blog post in the search engines.

Off page optimization not visible in the website I mean it’s not direct part but it’s linked with your blog externally for improvements of your blog. It’s also vital just on page seo optimization.

It’s a long term method but it’s need to be done frequently in case of website ranking. Link building , Social sharing and Content marketing are the most important parts of Off page seo. These three things must be done regularly to get the maximum result from popular search engines like (Google, Yahoo and Bing).

Hmm! Without any further ado let’s get inside of Off page SEO optimization

Some of the top Off page optimization tips are given below:


Link Building

As I mentioned above, off page seo mainly the technique of building quality links from other related sites. One thing you must know that, the more quality links you get the more famous you will be in the search engines. For an example: Directory submission is one of the best and common way to get the link backs.

The more inbound links from external websites considered to be the powerful sources and more and more search engines will notice your site and eventually your site ranking will improve a lot than earlier.

Forum posting and blog commenting is another top process in case of backlinks.  Leaving comments on high page rank websites gives you more precious inbound links. So keep these things in your mind and do best.

Social Promotion

After the recent update of Google algorithm everyone knows the power of social media. Without the help of social media your website can’t rank in the search engine that is reason why everyone uses the popular social broadcasting site like Facebook, Digg, Stumble Upon and Delicious. It also allows your target spectators to share the content with other. And this will also increase your traffic quantity.

Content Writing

Every blogging invitual know Content is king that’s why writing worthy and valuable posts definitely increases your site ranking performance. And make sure you maintain a routine about posting your articles.

This will help you make your readers happy and search engines too. But the ultimate goal is to promote your site on top ranked websites. The nice and easy way to do this is to write guest posts for other sites. Guest posting is the most common way uses by hundreds of bloggers to get quality link backs.

Link Age

Lots of blogger till unaware of the link age is also plays a vital role in Off page seo. Older links that been already placed in your website weighed to be superior by the popular search engine like Google compared to newly placed links.

Final Words

I hope you understand the value off page seo optimization. SEO plays the main role of a blog/website from background. If you ignore SEO you never ever able to prove your existence. No matter how good you write without proper optimization it’s all vain- going to garbage. So my opinion is write good content with quality and mix it up SEO. Now you understand the importance of SEO optimized post.

But if you have any complain or advice regarding this post. Then drop your response. We are always ready to pick it up. That’s it for now. Good bye. See you soon.

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