Link Building

SEO practice of getting links from other websites to our website is known as link building.It improves both direct referrals and search engine ranking. It also helps in increasing the site link popularity

Creating links will bring mentioned below benefits

  1.  Generates more traffic from other websites
  2.  Increases page authority from incoming links
  3.  link building increases traffic
  4.  Helps in creating indexing
  5. Provides more visibility to the blog

Definition and objectives of a back-links strategy

back link
                 Back link

A back-link is a hypertext link placed on the page of an “external” site that points to a page of your site.

Net-linking’s strategy is to get back-links from quality external sites. The terms of incoming links, back links or back-links are equivalent

The goal of net-linking strategy is simply to promote your site on the internet by improving its popularity which results in the increase of its visibility among users interested in the content of your site.

However, be careful not to go hunting for back-links that could seriously damage your reputation and therefore your SEO. It is imperative that your back-link is as “natural” as possible.