Keyword analysis in SEO keywords or search phrases that brings visitors
on the website through organic and paid search. Keyword analysis is the first step
and cornerstone of search marketing campaigns. Process and strengths of our keyword analysis and research service

keyword Analysis
Keyword Analysis

Important principles of “Keyword”
* Traffic : Keyword traffic indicates number of people who search for a keyword on a regular basis.
* Competitiveness : Competitiveness indicates the number of sites that are competing to get good rank in the search.

Following these in-depth study phases and using the powerful keyword research tools,
we will build a rich list of key phrases composed of generic keywords,
equivalences, synonyms, query sentences or long-line keywords.

The keyword research tools we use

Google keyword planning tools
Google Auto Complete
Google Related Searches
Bing Related Searches
Google Search Console
Google Adwords
Google Trends
And many other specific tools