On-Page SEO

On‐page SEO refers to the practice of ‘optimising’ web pages to help them rank higher in the search engines. The end goal of which is to increase organic traffic to your site.

The majority of on‐page SEO advice seems to focus almost exclusively on the strategic placement of exact‐match keywords on your page—keyword in title, keyword in the meta description, keyword in H1, etc.

On-page SEO tips:

  •    Write quality content using variations on your main keyword phrase
  •    Use heading tags (H1 through H6) strategically on your page
  •    Optimize your images (one of the most forgotten SEO tactic)
  •    Link to other content internally and externally
  •    Optimize anchor text strategically (and smartly)
  •    Create unique page titles using relevant keywords.
  •    Control the content that shows up in the search engine results
  •    Create keyword rich page and post URLs
  •    Keep your site structure simple.
  •    Ensure your website is mobile friendly
  •    Take your website to HTTPS
  •    Test for website speed

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