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How to Check Your PAN Card Status Online by Name and Date Of Birth

The PAN is a unique 10 character alphanumeric number provided by the income tax department to all India citizens. If your income cross the minimum payable tax limit then you need to pay the tax to income tax department. If your income is good and you are not paying income tax then it is illegal according to income tax department. So please pay your income tax time to time.

If you have recently made your PAN card then it takes up to 1 month to reach at your home. You can know your PAN card at the NSDL official website If you don’t know how to check your pan card status online then please follow the below steps. We are writing all steps to steps guide for our readers. After following the below steps carefully you can easily know your pan card status online. If you still facing any problem then please ask your problem in comment section. We will definitely solve your problem if we have solution for your query.

PAN card status by name/date of birthClick here

  1. Log on at NSDL website
  2. After landing on nsdl page you will see an form.
  3. Select PAN from the application type drop down menu.
  4. Now enter the acknowledgement number if you have.
  5. If you have no acknowledgement number then please enter your full name and date of birth in the box.
  6. Now click on the submit button.
  7. After clicking the submit button, you will able to see your pan card status on the screen.
  8. You can also note status of your pan card on a page for future reference.

We know, now you can easily able to see your PAN number status online. If you need any other type help then please read the F.A.Q page at NSDL website.

PAN Status at Income Tax Website

If you are not able to know your pan status on NSDL website by any reason then you can also check your PAN status at  income tax department website. We also writing the full guide of how to check your pan card status at income tax department website. Please follow the below steps.

Know Your PAN Card Status at

  1. Go to the website of income tax department
  2. Now enter your date of birth in the column.
  3. Please enter your sir, middle name in the box.
  4. Enter the captcha code in the box.
  5. Click on the submit button.
  6. Please wait for some time when server find your pan card status.
  7. You will be able to see your status on your computer screen.

If we miss any important detail in this article then please go to the help section on the income tax department website. You can also contact the NSDL department by email for any queries related to your pan card status. Before applying for permanent account number it is very essential that you know about your pan number.

If you think this information is very useful for you friends and relatives then please share this article on social media. If you find any mistake in our website then please notify us by contact us form.

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