Free SEO Plugins For WordPress:Top 5 Save Your Time

Top 5 Free SEO Plugins For WordPress

Plugins For WordPress

Free SEO Plugins For WordPress To Optimize The REFERENCE OF ITS WORDPRESS SITE
WordPress is the most used CMS for creating sites and blogs around the world.

  • Easily configurable even by a novice but not optimized for SEO, WordPress still allows some customizations such as the permalinks format, the Alt attribute of the image tag …
  • But it does not allow some SEO optimizations, however essential as the personalization of the title tag which automatically takes the title of the article or the categories and tags which are indexable by default …
Free Seo Plugins For WordPress
Free Seo Plugins For WordPress

Use a WordPress plugin to improve the SEO of your site

The simplest way is to use a plugin dedicated to optimization for the natural referencing of your site that is also sometimes referred to as SEO on page.

Moreover, the WordPress community usually puts these SEO extensions in the “Popular” and “Recommended” tab of the official directory of WordPress extensions, proof of the importance of this type of plugin.

An SEO extension will not do everything for you
Be careful however, a warning is needed: the use of an SEO plugin does not necessarily give good SEO results if your strategy and your knowledge in this area are zero. Even though optimization support exists for most plugins, it should be used knowingly. Just because you bought a trowel will not make you a skilled bricklayer. If you do not inquire about the subject, you will have little chance to improve the positioning of your site in the search engines and develop your traffic.

The best WordPress extensions for SEO
I will first talk about 3 versatile extensions that allow a multitude of settings and can help you improve your SEO.

If there were to be one, it would be this one. This is my favorite SEO extension, and by far!

Created in 2008, it is simply the most popular plugin and that in the whole world. It offers at the same time the possibility of optimizing the technical side as well as the writing of the contents. Updated very frequently, the extension is steadily developing new features. There are many tutorials and a knowledge base written by the Yoast team and the support is responsive. In short, using this plugin will be the choice of security. Note that there is also a paid premium version.

Features of the free version of the extension
help with optimization: content analysis
modification of meta robots (follow, index, noindex)
Edit Title and Meta Description
creating the sitemap.xml file
Canonical URL
checking tools for webmasters
By accessing the Premium version (79 ā‚¬): redirection of URLs, multiple keywords, internal linking suggestions, no ads, support.
This extension is somehow the outsider that closely follows Yoast SEO. Also widely used, it seems less updated than its competitor. However, it remains a very good extension to improve the SEO of its WordPress site and its shop based on WooCommerce.

Features of the free version of the extension
create the sitemap.xml file (sitemap and images)
support for Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)
Google Analytics tag insertion
Canonical URL
ping changes to search engines
Built-in API
SEO optimizations for the WooCommerce plugin
The premium version ($ 136) has in addition: advanced support, video SEO, SEO for categories, tags and Custom taxonomies …

Who is All in One SEO Pack for?
Novices and SEOs with the same remarks as Yoast SEO.

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